Abstract. Art. Project.

Collection of abstractions in acrylic and mixed technique on paper or cardboard.

Presentation 1


The first paintings in the collection reveal the idea of playing with colours and shapes.

The colours are vibrant, with deep saturation and rich hues. This series ends with a few black-white paintings.

Presentation 2


Though the color palette sometimes seems to be limited, the general mood remains frisky and playfull. The resources of painting are not controlled, and the painting doesn’t seek for perfection but total absence

of intention.

Presentation 3


The first results of acting impulsively are already visible. Some colors can harmonize, and spontaneous action arises from within. 

Fantastic shapes come out as well as design patterns.

Presentation 4

During this phase, paintings with mostly warm colours arose. Yellow and orange dominate. Here one can see how large the orange spectrum really is. The yellow is rather only a symbol of the light but, nevertheless, well represented.

Presentation 5

Some pictures, in black and white, are painted on textured paper. Next to them, blue with round patterns. Further, a series of work with brown-white dominances and orange accents.

Presentation 6

This section seems the most unrealistic, fantastic and rich with colours. The colour combinations have their own logic and the shapes vary from filigree to flat.

The complete portfolio  1- 80

part I    1-20


Works 1- 20

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part II    21-40


Works 21-40

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Part III     41-60


Works 41-60

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Part IV     61-80


Review in studio

works 61-80